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The Carol Walker-Welsh
Addiction Counselor Scholarship

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Carol Walker-Welsh dedicated the later part of her life to serving the community as a CDCA, Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant. 

Carol understood firsthand the devastation of the opiate epidemic and wanted to make a positive impact in the lives of those struggling. 


The Carol Walker-Welsh Addiction Counselor Scholarship will award two winners each year for a 

CDCA Education package and Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board application fees. 


Perspective applicants: Write a 500 word essay of why you believe you should be chosen for this award and  how you will bring about positive change to the field of addiction. 





Thomas Stofferahn

Winner of the 2022 Carol Walker-Welsh Addiction Counselor Scholarship!

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My name is Thomas Stofferahn. I have written my essay as to why I believe I should be chosen as the winner of the Carol Walker-Welsh Addiction Counselor Scholarship. 


I believe I would be an attribute to the counseling field as a CDCA. I feel that it is time for me to become educated in the field and give back to others who are going through what I have been through. I currently have experience working in the addiction and mental health field as a PCA. This experience has helped me to understand how many clients feel and how to better meet individualized their needs. 


The reason I feel that I fit the criteria to obtain my CDCA certification is that I am patient with the client’s, I have a listening ear, and great communication skills. I love to learn, and I feel that I am teachable, I have learned to walk away when a client has put me in a situation that will jeopardize themselves. My background is coming from nothing, and I have worked my way from obtaining my GED to the position that I currently hold. I feel that I am an inspiration to many of the clients I serve. I have a diverse upbringing that I believe this will be an asset to the clients I serve as it relates to various cultural backgrounds. 


Currently, I hold the position of case manager, I assist the clients with their case management needs. I assist clients with their interpersonal needs as well as government issues and food assistance. However, I find myself wanting to do more. I find myself wanting to assist everyone with their counseling issues such as mental health and AOD issues. My desire is to learn the skills needed to provide these services in the future. 


I was placed for adoption at a very young age. I struggled with my identity in school, and I began smoking weed at the age of 13 years, I spent most weekends smoking weed and drinking alcohol with friends, eventually progressing into harder drugs. Due to my behavior, I was in and out of juvenile facilities. My life remained completely unmanageable until the age of 38. After struggling my whole life, I decided to make a change, and on November 25, 2019, I asked for help. That was the day I decided to turn my life around and I never looked back. Now is the day that I am asking for a chance to improve my life even further by obtaining my CDCA Certification to help others in need. 




Thomas Stofferahn 

Thank you to all the participants, your essays were amazing! 
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